NZ-made organic garden products to boost your soil and plant health

Organic Garden Products made sustainably in New Zealand, from marine by-products. Made by gardeners, for gardeners.

From sea to soil

Across our entire range, our key ingredients come from New Zealand marine by-products. Connecting the sea with the land, we're bringing nature back into the garden.

Our Product Cycle

Our simple product cycle covers all the steps you need to achieve a flourishing natural garden.

We love reconnecting people with nature. Using nature's genius, we develop powerful garden goodies that close the environmental loop.

The Benefits

Stronger plants

Aquaticus Products are like nature’s multi-mineral for your garden, strengthening plant cells, feeding and aerating soil, and gently balancing nutrient and pH levels.

Well-nourished soil

We know you love feeding your plants, and watching them grow strong and resistant to pests and diseases. We also know the healthiest plants start with well-nourished soil.

Long-term results

Unlike other products, Aquaticus products feed both soil life and plants for long term growth resilience.

"Thank you so much from the bottom of our garden's very healthy heart! As a landscape designer I visit many gardens that would benefit from your Aquaticus products. I genuinely really want to thank you for this wonderful dose of natural tonic for the garden world."

Melissa Grove, Auckland

Made in
New Zealand

& Safe



100% organic garden goodies safe for family, pets, wildlife and our planet.